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Catch up on sermons you may have missed!

Catch up on sermons you may have missed!

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Series: Principles of Change

Series: The Protests of Jesus

Series: The Blazing Center- The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit

The Blazing Center: The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit

Series: Body Trauma

The Scriptures are filled with people who have been traumatized by horrendous situations. Those same Scriptures teach us that there is a way through, a way out, and a way over. Pastor Holder's message series on “Body Trauma” is the Christian answer to the abuse many of us have experienced.

Series: The Christian Practice of Honoring Your Body

There are so many spiritual practices competing for your body—promising peace and fulfillment. We Christians have our own, so we don’t need anyone else’s. This series is about honoring our body in the way the Bible tells us to, guaranteeing the most fulfilling, fruitful and purposeful life we could ever have.”

Series: Prophetic Vision

We all need a vision for our lives—a vision that comes from God instead of us. This is a practical series on finding the purpose of our lives in order to take the next steps.

Series: Forward Motion

The very thing that will move you forward is the thing that stands still—the Word of God. This series is about trusting His process regardless of what your circumstances try to dictate.