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Rev. Dr. David Holder | September 18, 2016

"Some of us need to love beyond our personality until we attain a better one."

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Stories from Isaiah's Room

Walter, 56 years old. Unable to change primary care doctors under Medicaid/Managed Care due to a restriction at the state level. He was suffering and deteriorating physically, and his appointed doctor was doing nothing. Isaiah's Room called New York State and arranged for a Fair Hearing in White Plains, attended the hearing, encouraged the judge to remove the restriction, and he was able to see a different doctor and clinic.

Dee, 27 years old. Has been coming for several years. He lost his job. His main support system was his mother. She dies. Isaiah's Room attended her funeral, counseled and prayed with him, clothed him in full business attire to interview for a county job program, went to his graduation from the county program, saw him get a new job. He still comes.

John, 68 years old. In poor health, was living on the floor of a friend’s house but could not stay there any longer. He got Section 8 housing through HOPE, found an apartment in New Rochelle that would accept it, but had no money for a deposit. We paid for the deposit, and he paid a portion of it back. He died a year later at Sound Shore Medical, Isaiah's Room visited him until his death. He found dignity in his last days.

Ann, 60 years old. Son in trouble in high school, identified as candidate to take part in Youth Police Initiative. Older brother died of overdose. Isaiah's Room attended the funeral, calls both son and Ann weekly. Ann also in danger of eviction. Calls made to head of New Rochelle Housing Authority, worked with legal aide lawyer, resolving issue.

Ministers and Media Spot

Dance Like David Danced...

Gregory Adegbola | September 12, 2016

Dancing for God has always been a joy and a blessing. Whenever I get to dance before the Lord it allows to me do several things; 1) Give Him what I believe to be my utmost, ...

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NYCC Anniversary Story

Terry Williams | July 24, 2016

Isaiah’s Room, The Covenant Justice Conference, Main Street Restoration – these are three of New York Covenant Church’s (NYCC) nearly 20 ministries. ...

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