Sermons by: The Politics Of Jesus

Apr 16, 2017

A New World Order

"Jesus wasn’t leading a rebellion, He was creating a new world order."

Apr 02, 2017

Public Praise

"Public praise crosses that line drawn between Church and State."

Mar 26, 2017

A Cross the Line

Every failed intimate relationship you've had in your life represents...

Mar 12, 2017

Prayer and Justice

"He doesn't answer our prayers for justice based on who we are."

Mar 05, 2017

Open The Gate

"You can never get to God’s way going in the opposition direction."

Feb 05, 2017

Down With The King

"We've got to look Caesar in the face and say "Whatever executive...

Jan 29, 2017

Two Fights

"We respond to an oppressive act against our humanity with a...

Jan 15, 2017

Get Angry

"Don't allow your goals of self-righteousness to remove the overarching...