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Matthew 26:17 

The Last Supper. Judas betrays Jesus. Peter denies Jesus.

Reclining there around a Passover table, the disciples could not possibly understand what was about to unfold. Earlier in the day, Jesus had mentioned that his time was drawing near, and made arrangements to share the meal with them, and it probably seemed routine enough. But even after all these the shocks and surprises they've experienced with Jesus, I doubt they could have been prepared for what he would say that night.

They had spent so much time with him and they had sacrificed many things to follow, but here was a moment to pause as they celebrate one of the most significant moments in history between God and humanity. The Passover was the ultimate intervention of God, when he pulled his people out of Egypt after years of suffering and abuse. This powerful display of God's power marked the Hebrew people for the centuries that followed and became a defining moment in God establishing who he is - distinct and holy among all the other gods.

Here was a God who would not ignore the cries of his people. Here is a God who is not distant, but near. Here was a God who would step in with power to rescue his children.

This night, as they shared a meal and recalled God's mighty exploits, Jesus reveals that one of them would betray him. They are grieved, and wondered who it could be, saying "Surely you don't mean me, Lord?" Perhaps they were looking for reassurance from Jesus, or perhaps they were questioning their own commitment. Perhaps they were simply shocked... after sharing so much of their lives together, after seeing the miracles and experiencing Jesus' love and compassion, how could any of them betray him?

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