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You’re new to New York Covenant. You walk into the sanctuary, knowing no one. While our congregation is a friendly, welcoming one, there is a ministry whose mission is to welcome friends and to strictly adhere to our church’s mission: To make disciples by cultivating relationships. That ministry is known as EMBRACE.

Formed just a few years ago, the EMBRACE ministry’s acronym stands for Encouraging Multitudes by Raising Affection, Concern and Empathy. The members of the ministry are honored to be on the “front lines” of showing love to newcomers and existing members, by following their mission: To love, care, and show empathy for the church body by cultivating, widening and deepening relationships.

How does the ministry accomplish this? They take many different paths to simply loving on others. Led by Sister Melissa Jackson, the members of the ministry gather the names of those members and visitors who fill out the Connect Cards and are in need of prayer, support, or other information. Those requests are met each week, by ministry members. Additionally, EMBRACE members send cards, or offer visits and prayers to those who are ill or bereaved. The ministry’s members include a variety of spiritual gifts, including Evangelism, Exhortation, Encouragement, Mercy, Pastoring, Teaching, Administration, Compassion and Service. The EMBRACE team is the ministry to turn to simply if you need to know more about NYCC, need a helping hand, or simply a friend to pray with you.

The EMBRACE team is here to serve YOU, by displaying the love of the Lord.

For more information about EMBRACE, please see Sister Melissa Jackson or any of the other team members: Gerald Jackson, Princess Jackson, Valerie Coleman, Janelle Roundtree, Cal Gray, Michelle Wilson or Gayle Williams.

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Marlon Simpkins on August 20, 2016 12:23pm

It has been said that the church is a hospital for sick souls. If this is so, EMBRACE is the triage staff that welcomes patients into the door, assesses their need, bandages the immediate wounds and then get them to a doctor that can address their most pressing need. I love this ministry because they do such a good job of this. Whenever I see guests speaking with EMBRACE ministry members I feel at peace knowing that their needs WILL be addressed.