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Matthew 21:1-11 Minister Alex Smith

Crowds cheer Jesus’ entry to Jerusalem

Before Jesus’ entry into the Jerusalem he instructs two of his disciples to go to the village of Bethphage and there they would find a donkey and her colt, they were to untie them and bring them to him. Further, if anyone said anything to them they were to tell them the Lord needs them.” What we see overall is once again, God, the Lord, Jesus giving instruction on what is to be done having already made the preparation for what was needed. God has always through his grace made a way for us and so when the task is at hand we can be assured that God has already prepared the way for us to perform what he has asked of us.

Jesus continued to define who he is by his actions. He did not request a majestic stallion to ride upon to make his entry into Jerusalem. He chose a donkey, basic transportation, symbolizing that he was not coming as a warrior but as a King. He had the authority to choose any option he wanted for his entry but he chose what was meek and lowly. As our king and prophet we freely submit ourselves to our Lord and Savior and allow him free rule and reign.

The people received and acknowledged him as king, the son of David and coming in the name of the Lord. They gave him the highest praise and spread palm branches and their coats on the road before him. The whole city was stirred by his entry and when asked who he was, they said he was the “prophet from Nazareth”. But we know he is much more than a prophet, he is Lord of all.

Now is the time that we should not only reflect and assess our Christian walk but we should also assess how we see Jesus. Are we seeing him as he represented and identified himself or are we seeing him the way we would prefer to see a King. Jesus came into the world lowly and laying in a manger, as he rides into Jerusalem with so much fanfare from the crowd, he is going to the cross, not as a warrior king but the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world.

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