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The elections are over and we are heading into a new year with the uncertainty of what a new government will bring.  But no matter what has happened, who was elected, and our concern as to what the future holds, we are now in a season that we must be thankful and grateful for – that is Christmas, the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

This season reminds us that there is a pregnant future, with the expectation that God is going to intervene, intercede and reconcile.  So we should not let the uncertainty of the moment disengage the expectation of the light and the life that is in Christ, because God is still functioning even under circumstances we may not fully understand.

God is doing more than the rational and so we cannot take the past few months of our political dispensation to negatively rationalize what we deem to be the future of our collective experience as a nation and a people.  Though we may walk through dark valleys, we should not be baptized into a state of materialism, idolatry or false patriotism because the experience of what God has done through the birth of Christ, and what He continues to do since His resurrection, is greater than any one moment in time of our history. 

Therefore, this season of the advent of the birth of Christ should interject an era of hope to know that God’s promise is still being kept in Jesus Christ despite our current uncertainty.

So then, as we go through this season of hope let us also be prepared to walk with, and work with Christ so that our hope is fortified in our faith, and our faith is reflected in our work. 

In this light, we need not only celebrate with songs of praise, but also with songs that reflect the prophetic lyrics of the past that heralded the liberating power of God, when celebrating the birth of Jesus.

This is the celebration we are to have this CHRISTMAS and in it give God all the PRAISE!


Posted by John F. Udochi with 1 Comments

Dance Like David Danced...

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Dancing for God has always been a joy and a blessing. Whenever I get to dance before the Lord it allows to me do several things; 1) Give Him what I believe to be my utmost, bold and daring worship as a man to dance and give glory 2) Minister to those in the congregation and hope my praise, my movement for God to whatever song we are dancing to will touch them, move them and get closer to God 3) Get past my own insecurities of praise to my God.

I am a dancer by blood. I grew up dancing, involved in dance organizations and choreographing etc. When I danced int he secular world, it was out of arrogance, to show how good I am and to dominate the dance floor and popularity. How funny, when i joined the church way back when, and Deacon Karita asked me to dance for 2-3 months I kindly declined because I couldn't see myself dancing in church. I have seen praise dancing and thought it was out of my realm, not my kind of dancing, not masculine enough and I didn't want to be looked at a certain way. But as I started growing in my faith, growing in my word and understanding that this body is the body the Lord gave me and that my body was an instrument of praise and that I could and should use my gifts for dancing to praise God, I went full speed ahead and never looked backed. I have been able to get other men to dance with me and sometimes I am the only male dancing with an all female ensemble if you will.

Sometimes there can be self doubt and feeling awkward of being the only man dancing. Sometimes as much as I love dancing for the Lord, I wish there were more men who would be up there with me. When those thoughts enter my mind, I am reminded of David in 2 Samuel 6:4 


Wearing a linen ephod, David was dancing before the Lord with all his might, 15 while he and all Israel were bringing up the ark of the Lord with shouts and the sound of trumpets.

David was bold. David was unashamed and David danced with all his might. I am a man who is and should not be afraid to praise the Lord with all I have, because He deserves all of the glory, He deserves all of me and it's not about being the only man dancing as much as it's about sharing my public praise with my congregation. Showing other men, it's OK to step outside of our comfort zone and shout, clap and move our feet for the Lord, because sure enough if we were all at a birthday party or celebration we would be shaking our behinds to the music we hear! So God often reminds me that with every breath, every step that I have on this earth whether it's with a group of women or by myself, I will Dance Like David Danced!!! Always and Forever because My God who continues to show my mercy and grace deserves it, because my God who came down as man and died on the cross, deserves it. So if you are a man, and you feel uncomfortable dancing before the Lord...then I say good..let's step out of our comfort zones together..let's dance because I know He has done a might wonderful things for you and your families lives..let's dance just of joy of having Christ in our lives!!!